If you're looking for the finest in luxury dairy to WOW your customers then Kyaninga Dairy can help. Goat's cheese is relatively new to Uganda, but in Europe it is considered a delicacy. With the lush grass that grows in the Toro region of Uganda, a happy and healthy herd of goats, and a dedicated team we are able to produce a product that rivals anything in Europe. All of our cheeses our 100% Ugandan produce. And all of our cheeses are made from pure raw milk without the need for processing. Read more about how we make our cheese >>




A lactic, log shaped goat’s cheese with a thin white Penicillium rind, reminiscient of the well-known French cheese Sainte Maurel. A bright, savoury acidity together with a lemony tang balances a smooth and creamy texture.

Milk: Raw Goat's Milk

Coagulant: Traditional Animal Rennet

Shelf life: 4 weeks



A light, creamy, mousse-like texture. The ash-covered rind, scattered with white, downy Geotrichum mould gives a savoury and nutty flavour. The distinctive fluffy texture is a result of the curds being directly ladled into the forms. Toro can be eaten within a week, or aged for three.

Milk: Raw Goat's Milk

Coagulant: Traditional Animal Rennet

Shelf life: 3 weeks



An exquisite fresh and light textured cheese with delicate lemony flavours and a subtle goaty essence. Rolled in fresh herbs from Kyaninga Dairy’s own garden.

Milk: Raw Goat's Milk

Coagulant: Traditional Animal Rennet

Shelf life: 12 days



Kamengo is an unctuous and creamy raw milk cheese in the style of famous French cheese like Camembert. It is entirely made by hand using the finest locally sources cows milk, and to the same exacting standards that have made our goats cheese such a hit with discerning cheese lovers around the country.

Milk: Raw Cow’s Milk

Coagulant: Traditional Animal Rennet

Shelf Life: 6 weeks

Goat's Cheese